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At Sacred Heart Primary School, we embrace opportunities for our parents, parishioners and wider community to be involved in the life of our school. We acknowledge the important relationship between parents and teachers in educating our students, and recognise that the more informed and involved parents are in their child’s education, the greater the chances they have for success. Parents are given authentic experiences of school life by being involved in various parent committees, classroom helper programs, social events, information evenings, working bees etc.

Sacred Heart School is part of a very vibrant Sacred Heart Parish. We take opportunities to come together as a faith community, to celebrate our beliefs and seek harmony with all members of our wider community.


The governance of Sacred Heart Primary School is undertaken by the parish priest with the support of the principal. The parish education board (PEB) provides advice to the principal within the context of its Constitution and the school’s vision.

Some of the responsibilities of Sacred Heart Primary School’s PEB include:

  • Promoting the Catholic ethos of the school and to support its Religious Education programs

  • Contribute to the Sacred Heart Primary School’s School Improvement Plan/Annual Action Plan

  • Provide advice towards the selection and determination of appropriate policies in accordance with the school improvement plan, in consultation with appropriate parties that will assist the parish priest, principal and staff in working towards the objectives of the school

  • Plan for the future of the Sacred Heart Primary School and its ability to accommodate future enrolments

  • Provide advice on budget planning and finance-related matters where appropriate, taking account of the goals and directions of the school as set out in the school’s Vision Statement and School Improvement Framework


The PEB is composed of members who appreciate, value and share the educational mission and ethos of Sacred Heart Primary School.


The Parents and Friends Committee is a vibrant group of parents who are committed to assisting the Sacred Heart Primary School in the areas of community building and fundraising. The committee meets in the school on a regular basis, to organise social activities and fundraising initiatives throughout the school year.

The Parents and Friends Committee is an inherent part of our school community. New members are always warmly welcomed. Involvement in the committee is a great way to contribute to Sacred Heart Primary School, and an opportunity to meet other parents and form great relationships.

Activities that the Parents and Friends Committee organise include:

  • Annual School Dinner Dance

  • Welcome BBQ at the commencement of each school year

  • Trivia night

  • Mother’s Day and Father’s Day stalls

  • Hot cross bun sales

  • Easter Raffle


At Sacred Heart Primary School we are fortunate to have our own uniform shop run by dedicated members of our parent community. This enables parents to be able to buy school uniforms at reasonable cost and in the convenience of our school. Profits raised are used to assist the school in resourcing and programs.

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