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Welcome to the Sacred Heart Primary School website. We hope that you find the information on this site informative, and that you are able to learn more about what makes our school, a special place.

We are a small Catholic school community in the heart of vibrant Preston, who honour our faith’s rich traditions and participate in its rituals. Whilst we honour our catholic identity, we remember the example of the Good Samaritan, and respect the faith, values and customs of children from other traditions.

A smaller community such as Sacred Heart, allows relationships to be strong and each individual to be respected for the person they are. We are proud to be able to say that every student in our school is known and families are embraced as part of our Sacred Heart School Family. 


  • Sacred Heart Preston is a Catholic Parish Primary School, inspired by the gospel values of Jesus, that welcomes a multi-faith community.

  • We value the traditions and principles of the Good Samaritan Sisters founded on compassion and service.

  • Our contemporary learning environment is purposeful,  engaging and connected to real life. It challenges all to be confident, resilient and active learners striving for excellence.

  • In partnership with families, parish and the wider community, we embrace and celebrate diversity and build positive relationships.

  • At Sacred Heart the students are at the heart of everything we do.


Sacred Heart Church, Preston’s first Catholic Church was built in 1889. Archbishop Carr officiated at the opening of the church. The original wooden church met the needs of the growing congregation until 1925 when a new church was built and opened in July 1936. Established by the Sisters of the Good Samaritan in 1915, Sacred Heart was also the first Catholic school in Preston. The Sisters lived at the Convent of the Good Samaritan which was established in 1904 at "Maesbury", the former residence of Rev. Caleb Booth on Separation Street in Northcote.  The Good Samaritan Sisters were one of the orders administering privately funded Catholic schools around Melbourne. This convent provided education at the Catholic schools of the Preston, Thornbury, Northcote and Fitzroy areas.

Like the suburb of Preston, the school population up to the post second world war era, was predominately Angelo Saxon. Most students came from very working class families which was typical of the era, stay at home mums, and fathers mainly working in the local industries which sprung up as the municipality’s population grew. The school during these years was entirely staffed by the Good Samaritan Sisters who taught grades in excess of seventy and eighty students.

The post second world war period saw the suburb of Preston explode with a kaleidoscope of nationalities and the Sacred Heart School population was evidence of this. Today our students represent the heritages of nearly twenty countries which intertwine to make a rich cultural community. 

Since its opening in 1915, the school has seen thousands of students enter the doors of its landmark location on the corner of Clifton Grove and Bell Street.

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